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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another farce in Cardiff Bay

Oh, for goodness sake!

This latest spat between the Presiding Officer and his Deputy does nobody any good at all. Even the Labour Party, whose budget may well be passed after all as a result, cannot relish many more newspaper stories like this:

Presiding Officer Dafydd Elis-Thomas and his Deputy John Marek have not been on speaking terms for months in a dispute over the Assembly's internal workings.

Now a row over who should chair today's crucial debate on the Assembly's draft Budget threatens to plunge the body into chaos.

Opposition AMs outnumber Labour by two seats, and they are hoping to vote down the draft Budget document, seeking amendments of their own.

But Lord Elis-Thomas, a Plaid Cymru AM, has asked Dr Marek of the Forward Wales party to chair the Budget debate. If Dr Marek agrees to do so, the Opposition will lose its voting advantage over Labour and the draft Budget could squeeze through.

Everybody is losing patience with this on-going disagreement and the inability of the PO and the DPO to work together. I had an interesting conversation with a government minister earlier today in which it was made clear that, having lost their majority, there was now no obstacle to the Labour Group supporting a no confidence vote in one or both of the two men.

Whatever happens, something needs to be resolved soon.
Peter, is it not, more of the Presiding Officer determined to bring the Assembly into disrepute, in refusing to let matters lie? He is so obsessed or more probably possessed in attempting to both kiss up to Labour and change his colours or to completely get his revenge on his Deputy and is prepared to embarrass and bring down his own party. He risked in his pathetic attempt to stop the opposition party’s amendments, including your party Peter, enabling the Government to be able to pass the draft budget today. You have asked yourself as I’m sure many people have, why? Why would a man with his experience want to act in such a way?
This has gone far beyond a personal feud; this is political suicide on the Presiding Officers part.
You on the other hand Peter have become known as the man with his ears to the walls. There is of course another name for it..
I would not accept that analysis of the PO's motivations though I have to say I cannot offer an acceptable explanation for the actions of either Dafydd Eis Thomas or John Marek.

I dont go near walls nor do I know what you are alluding to. Perhaps you could be less obtuse.
Surely John Marek's motivation was to support the opposition amendment and vote down the budget.
It was funny how John Marek didnt take the chair when the PO left & then elis-thomas refusing to make a statement about the incident at the end of plenary.

Fun times ahead on the PO's office.
I was not talking about the chairing arrangements when I referred to John Marek's reactions but the megaphone diplomacy he embarked on when he received the e-mail request from the PO.
Of course you were Peter; perhaps you could be less obtuse with your remarks?
If you cannot offer an acceptable explanation on either the PO's or DPO's motivation, would it not be best for you to not involve yourself in the 'spat'?
I could offer an explanation but that really would involve me in the spat and life is too short. I think I am entitled to comment on it as I am doing.

Would you care to post a brief outline of what the Liberal Democrats are aiming to put into the budget? The Western Mail was not very helpful this morning.

- Frank Little
See http://peterblack.blogspot.com/2006/10/crucial-budget-votes.html
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