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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Should he stay or should he go?

The BBC report that John Marek has resigned as Chair of the Assembly's House Committee....or has he? Is it a case of toys out of the pram or an attempted putsch?

Like John Marek I was there but neither of us are allowed to comment. It's the rules don't yer know.

So much for open government.
Surely you are allowed to say if he resigned or not, just like you did last time, and then he changed his mind again.

By the way, great blog!
Last time I referred to conversations that took place after the Committee in which a number of people contacted me to say that John Marek had resigned. I did not refer to anything that was said or took place during the Committee because that is against the Committee's code of conduct.

Nevertheless, despite my caution, John Marek has referred me to the Standards Committee for having allegedly breached the code. I am disputing this. I can only report on events outside of the house committee.

This does not appear to have constrained the PO. I wonder if he will be referred to the Standards Committee.
arn't the minutes of the committee a matter of public record?
i just had a thought, JM can only report DE-T to the standards committee if he did in fact resign, otherwise if he didn't resign then DE-T wasn't reporting anything that had happened, or was said, in the committee.
The minutes will be published in six weeks time.
Peter, do you see yourself as the next Chair of the committee or hey lets really push the boat out, maybe even the next DPO??? Ambition-can be the making or the breaking of someone.
I have no ambition to do either job.
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