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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Separated at birth

On the left is David Moffett, the former Chief Executive of the Welsh Rugby Union. On the right is the newly appointed Chief Executive, Roger Lewis. Have the WRU been perfecting cloning over the last 7 months?
appart from the specs that is a rubbish lookalike... maybe you need a pair yourself?
I will admit to it not being an original thought as somebody else said it on the radio this morning. So it is not just me who needs new glasses. A younger version of Moffett perhaps?
Off topic - care to share your thoughts about Jenny Tonge?
In what context?
Disingenuous, again. You read Harry's place, I know you do.

Didn't notice the huge post about her today then?
You are very quick to rush to judgement David. Perhaps you should restrain yourself better.

I very rarely read Harry's Place as I do not have time to take in what are often long and tedious posts. I have had a quick look and cannot see the post you are referring to. If you provide me with a link I will read it.

he pro-Israeli Lobby has got its grips on the Western World. Its financial grips. I think they've probably got a certain grip on our party
says Jenny
She is entitled to her point of view.
Yup. Of course she is. As are you.

What is your view on her comments?

Der Sturmer's not operating anymore is it?
Obviously I disagree with her.
don't suppose you have the time to read Norm. either:


or to listen to 'Today'
Obviously I disagree with her

Not obvious, actually, when your first response was simply that she was entitled to her view.

Still. Now you've made your position so perfectly clear you could get back to whatever it is you do.
I assumed that 'she is entitled to her view' was terse enough to convey disagreement. However, as you are being very literal today then clearly you needed it spelt out in black and white.

I don't read 'norm', nor do I listen to the Today programme.
Why the scare quotes around 'norm', 'Peter'?
Because the blog is called normblog and his name is Norman Geras.

You're becoming a pompous arse.
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