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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Power behind the throne

The other interesting article in Matt Withers' column is that identifying Leighton Andrews' part-time researcher, David Taylor, as the mastermind behind the Keeping the Faith website. There are also rumours that David was involved in the Natwatch website and in the ejection of Walter Wolfgang from the Labour Party Conference. Like Gareth Davies however, I believe that the last allegation is a conspiracy theory too far.

The Bloggerheads website has gone to town on David Taylor in the last few days here, here and here, all of which must be leaving him feeling a little beseiged. It also alleges that David has connections with a negative website about Gordon Brown and a website aimed at undermining Claire Short. How does he find time to do his day job?
According to Tribune, someone called David Taylor is the "master"mind who has registered the domain names alanjohnson4leader and most other permentations.

Same guy?
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