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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mardy Bum

The Observer reports that Gordon Brown has something else in common with Sir Menzie Campbell (apart from them both being Scottish, etc. etc.). It seems that neither of them can name a single Arctic Monkeys track:

Put on the spot by a men's magazine, the Chancellor proved unable to name a single track from their debut album beyond insisting that 'they are very loud'. And he confessed his favoured listening was actually Coldplay - the band music aficionados love to despise for their middle-of-the-road sound, described by Oasis's manager Alan McGee as 'music for bedwetters'.

The Arctic Monkeys debacle represents the first real snag for the much-touted Project Gordon makeover, supposed to rebrand the Chancellor as a softer, more engaging character en route to Number 10. Along with the lilac ties and family snapshots of Brown with his two boys has even come a new warmth to colleagues: he recently telephoned a string of junior ministers in the aftermath of the coup against Blair, dishing out his phone number and inviting them to call him any time.

Did he get asked to name a Coldplay track as well? Perhaps 'What if' off their X&Y album would suffice.
This is probably what I hate most about politics and politicians... you really see their egos at work and how desperate a sort they really can be.

My father, a librarian, wouldn't pretend to know who the Arctic Monkeys are... so why the hell should politicians in their 50s and 60s!?

I really don't understand why these supposedly intelligent people can't see their way to answering these questions with a curt: "Not really my cup of tea."

Are there really that many votes in an old man claiming to know the latest rock group!? Pathetic.

Anyway, whos your favourite band, Peter?
I havent got any particular favourite at the moment. I have quite catholic taste in music though heavy rock is my music of choice in the car. At the moment I am listening to Arctic Monkeys and the new Sparks album. My all-time favourite artist has to be John Lennon though I also have every Beatle album and everything Kate Bush has done as well. Very much enjoyed Razorlight in concert at Reading last year as well.
Oh good grief...
You asked....
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