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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Whatever the truth of today's headlines about Cherie Blair's reaction to Gordon Brown's speech it has completely derailed the Chancellor's make-over.

Mike Smithson on politicalbetting seems to have it summed up when he writes: 'The reason that Cherie Blair’s alleged remarks carry so much force and dominate the headlines this morning is that they ring true. '

In other words she can deny it all she likes, but we want it to be true and we believe that it is the sort of thing she would do. In that sort of atmosphere a rapprochement between Brown and Blair seems very unlikely.

Mike says of the Chancellor's speech: "After watching and re-watching the vast amount of material coming out of Manchester I’ve come to the conclusion that the real problem with Gordon is that he cannot “do” sincerity.

The world “knows” that he was behind the “rolling resignation” plan to oust Tony earlier in the month that it is stretching credulity to it absolute limits for him to be going on the platform talking about the “great privilege” of working for all that time with the Prime Minister.

You cannot but help thinking that if it was such a privilege then why has he gone to such lengths to force Blair out?"

I couldn't put it better myself.
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