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Friday, September 08, 2006

Keeping the faith

I have heard about obscure fanatical religious sects but this takes the biscuit. It is the website of 'Labour members and supporters who are backing Prime Minister Tony Blair against a minority of MPs who want to bring him down':

Just over a year ago, Tony Blair was re-elected with a strong mandate to serve a full third term in office as Prime Minister. A small number of Labour MPs are now trying to force the Prime Minister to break his pledge to the electorate and stand down less than half way through his term in office.

Whilst we do not think the Prime Minister has never made a mistake, we do think he has been the greatest Labour leader of our time and as Prime Minister, has changed Britain for the better.

We believe he should be allowed to get on with the job, without distractions from disloyal MPs. He has earned the right to step down with dignity at a time of his choosing.

I am well-known for supporting lost causes but I think I will give this one a miss.
Meanwhile another resignation rocks Blair:

It's interesting isn't. Some people stand by their party leaders, even though the times are tough; while others don't...
It isnt about blind loyalty but what is best for the party and for the Country.
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