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Monday, September 25, 2006


I fully support the campaign to designate a Top Level Domain (TLD) to Wales. For a start it will spare Cymuned from having to use an American domain. The issue though is bigger than that.

This is not a linguistic matter but an opportunity for Wales to assert its identity on-line. It is also a chance for Welsh civic society (and the Welsh Assembly itself) to associate themselves with the Country as part of their internet presence. Catalonia has a TLD so why not Wales?

As it happens I have already set the ball rolling in the Assembly and we will be getting a report back on the practicalities and a possible timetable to set this up later this week. This is one issue on which the Assembly can show some real leadership.
This is one issue on which the Assembly can show some real leadership

That's unlikely.

Don't know what you mean by Cymuned using 'an American domain'. It uses .net, which isn't 'American'.

Wales isn't an independent country or a dependent territory, the usual reason for a TLD.

If you feel that calling things a different name will change anything you're either into magical thinking or in thrall to the civil service.

Do you suggest .cy or .wa?

BTW: Catalan is a language, not a place.
I was referring to CaruCymru.com. Catalonia is not an independent Country either but it has its own TLD and I understand other regions do as well. My original though was cw for Cymru Wales but I am happy to go with Cym if that is possible.
Araf! The Tories will take this as more evidence of Lib Dems weakening the Union.
Well they supported it when I raised it.
Country level domains are two letter.
cw and wa are available. .cy is Cyprus.

I can't see Catalonia on the list, although there is 'French Southern Territories' and 'US outlying Islands'

The UK also has .gb (which I never knew).

I think it'd be good to get NI, Wales, England and Scotland domains. Its a long process though...

(http://www.iana.org/cctld/cctld-whois.htm lists all the country domains)
I was referring to CaruCymru.com.

Ok, but that's not a US domain either. It's simply for commercial sites.

My original though was cw for Cymru Wales

Where, as a country, is 'Cymru Wales'? In the same fanastic space as 'Belgium Wallonia', no doubt.
I am in oppostion to the .CYM TLD because it will be an open registry, meaning that anyone anywhere will be able to buy domains with this suffix. Plus .cym sounds looks like .com, and sounds [stupid]. Having the .CYM tld will do nothing to highten Wales profile online, online quality bilingual content will do this.

Another thing, I posted my disagreement on dotCYM poll, and they deleted it, so they are not running a democratic poll, for certain
Tristan: This isn't about country domains at all. Wales has effectively zero chance of a two-letter country domain until it has its own ISO3166 two-letter code, and that won't happen unless/until it becomes independent of the United Kingdom.

However, Catalonia, which also has no two-letter code and little hope of ever getting one, was recently granted a top-level domain which wasn't a country code, ".cat". This is for domains related to the linguistic and cultural entity that is Catalonia, not Catalonia's status as a "country", whatever "country" really means.

In the same way, Wales isn't going to get .cw or .wa or anything. But given that Wales has a lively and independent language and culture, and given the precedent of the similar case of .cat, it is reasonably likely that Wales could be granted .cym.
I have a reply from dotCYM, who state that the .cym suffix will only be available to websites that contain Welsh Language, or Knowledge/Information about Wales.

This will be a Bureaucratic nightmare, and impossibility. Imagine, I live in Poland, and I set-up a "History of Wales" website, so I buy a .cym suffix, under the criteria set by the sponsor. However, I decide that I do not want to website on the "History of Wales" anymore, so I set up an adult website, using the .cym TLD.....YOU GET THE POINT.

So, there will be no option but to make the TLD an open directory one, where anyone, anywhere will be able to buy the TLD....So, how will the .CYM make a positive impact on Welsh Culture and Language? Anyhow, What is "Welsh Culture"? Pobl y Cwm!

Furthermore, I contacted a ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar, who were an England based company (Midlands)and asked them if they would sell the TLD, as is there right to do so as an accredited member; and they categorically stated "YES"

So what is the point: -

1). Content is KING, not a TLD
2). It will be impossible to manage and uphold any rules and regulations on the use of the TLD by the sponsor.
3). Welsh culture is not defined by a TLD!
4). dotCYM are running a non-democratic poll, which holds no water, since I too have submitted by disapproval, which was removed.
5). dotCYM are in line to make a MASSIVE amount of money from this, as do all ICANN registered registrars.
6). The failure to manage the selling of the .CYM TLD is inevitable...and this is known even now.
7). Therefore, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE will be able to buy the .CYM TLD, just like ".tv".
8). Lets get ready for "i-wanna.cym" with American adult sites
Your readers might be interested in a few facts:

1. ccTLDs (two-letter) are determined by their presence on the ISO-3166-1 list. You can't add anything as a ccTLD that's not on this list. Conversely, if it is on this list, it's pretty automatic.

2. gTLDs (three letters or more) come in two flavors: open and sponsored. Open means that anyone can register anything (a la .com, .net, .info). Sponsored gTLDs have restrictions set by the sponsoring organization (in this case, probably, some not-for-profit organization you set up). For instance, only museums can apply for .museum, and only certain travel-related companies can apply for .travel.

Therefore, really, you can have whatever kind of TLD you want, assuming you can convince ICANN to approve it.

I don't think I'm writing out of school. I've set up several ccTLDs (.TM, .NP, .PW), helped other get set up, and consulted with several of the new gTLDs to get them up and running.

Good luck! You have my support. I don't see any reason why Cymru/Wales should not have its own TLD.
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