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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The price of kinship

Daniel Davies of the Tiger Tales blog and the Press Association tells of his encounter with Rhodri Morgan's brother on the Maes yesterday. He is absolutely right when he describes Prys as a lovely chap, in fact Morgan senior is one of nature's true gentlemen.

I first encountered Prys Morgan when at University. He was one of my history tutors and I well recall that we always started each tutorial with a huge book list. When we complained Prys told us that he read a book a day as an undergraduate with the clear implication that we should be following suit.

In my first weeks at the Assembly I made a point of mentioning to Rhodri that his older brother had been my tutor at University. He responded along the lines of 'typical, people only ever know me through my brother!'

The media have been full of stories about the two reminiscing about the old days, growing up in the Swansea Valley. The Deputy Lord Mayor of Swansea told me today that he passed them in the Mayoral car whilst they were filming in some lane near Graigcefnparc, a van full of twenty police officers nearby. Whether this story is exaggerated or not I do not know but I cannot help wondering if they have any political memories together. Perhaps Rhodri was telling Prys that in the past you could fight an entire General Election for £113,000.
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