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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Plain Speaking John

The Independent leads on a curious lack of diplomacy by the Deputy Prime Minister in which he is alleged to have summed up the Bush Administration with a single word. How Tony will react to having the U.S. President and his close friend described as 'crap', we can only guess at. But thank goodness we have a politician in office who calls a spade a spade, despite all his many other faults.

Perhaps this one indiscretion will redeem John Prescott in the eyes of the British public and the Parliamentary Labour Party. Chances are it will not be enough. Nevertheless, his office is not denying he used the phrase, which immediately gives rise to the suspicion that they leaked the story themselves as part of a re-branding exercise. Mr. Prescott is in charge after all and he doesn't give a crap what anybody else thinks on that subject.

Update: The Deputy Prime Minister has now denied this report altogether. He has also said that he did not call the US President a "cowboy with his Stetson on". Shame, they would have had so much in common.
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