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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Outdoor disasters

Forget the recent spate of illegal raves, according to Matt Withers yesterday, the event to avoid this summer is the BNP's annual Red, White and Blue festival, outside Burnley, the highlight of which was apparently a concert by folk musician Lee Haggan, performing songs written by the BNP's leader Nick Griffin and including such ditties as British Revolution and Our Towns Will Be Our Own.

If you are already feeling queasy at the prospect and need cheering up then consider this tale from the BNP website of two activists who set out to raise funds:

The valiant attempt by two dedicated BNP activists to raise desperately needed funds for the party has ended after injury, bad weather and incidents which make life hell for decent folk in Blair’s Britain.

The first blow to the attempt by North Yorkshire duo Tom Linden and Steve King to paddle a canoe along the 127 mile Liverpool-Leeds Canal came on Sunday when the support caravan supplied by Steve, the BNP Liverpool Organiser was broken into and items stolen including all of Tom’s clothes, digital camera, binoculars, multi-tool, mobile phone charger and other items including the donation of over £70, a sum raised in the Liverpool pub the night before the duo set off. The mini-DVD player belonging to fellow canoeist Steve was also stolen.

Despite this set back the two carried on for two days through heavy rain and strong head winds. The day ended on a tragic note however, not only did Steve sustain an injury to his back after slipping on the canal bank but the support caravan was stolen from the pub cark-park where it had been parked.

It could not have happened to a nicer group of people. Surely it is a bit much though, even in today's political climate, to seek to pin the blame for bad weather on Tony Blair.

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