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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Liberal Democrat blog of the year

The first Liberal Democrat 'Blog of the Year' award will be announced at the autumn conference in Brighton next month. In a two hour fringe meeting the award will be given to the blog that has done the most to promote liberalism in the last year.

Whether or not this blog should be nominated depends rather on whether the judges are looking for somebody who promotes liberalism or a blogger who is promoting the Liberal Democrats. I try to do both of course but sometimes my party colleagues do not see it that way.

Still, what exactly are we going to do for two hours? If it involves selective readings from Liberal Democrat blogs then there had better be a bar.

Favourite to win the prize has to be Liberal England, but do not take my word for it. Nominate your favourite here.

Update: I have been e-mailed by somebody who has nominated this blog for the award. In her nomination she says: Peter's blog is always entertaining, even when it makes you cringe! It is compulsory reading if only to see who he is arguing with at any given time. Where else do you find such a mixture - deep political debate interspersed with pictures of his cat! His blog is like his collection of ties - always colourful, drawn from a wide variety of sources, often interesting, and definitely unique.

Faint praise indeed!
Awww, that's not faint praise, that's rather sweet
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