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Sunday, August 20, 2006

John Prescott: film star

Trawling through the internet sites of the main British newspapers this morning I stumbled upon this article in the Mail on Sunday about a spoof on-line video bulletin, which reports that the Deputy Prime Minister is quitting politics to star in a Yorkshire version of the hit movie Brokeback Mountain.

It was produced by Heavy.com after it asked British readers which public figure should star in a new section on their website devoted to deserving targets throughout the world. John Prescott came top of the poll with 68 per cent of the votes. The paper states that in the film, Prescott is interviewed about his forthcoming role as one of the main gay cowboy characters in "Brokeback Mounting", in tribute to his visit to Anschutz’s ranch and professed love of all things to do with the Wild West.

Catch the video here whilst it is still on-line.

Meanwhile the Sunday Times offers a more serious story on John Prescott. They say that the Deputy Prime Minister is facing calls for a parliamentary inquiry after it emerged that his eldest son has been cashing in on the housebuilding boom planned by his father. Most of the details in the story seem circumstantial and involve a fair bit of innuendo but the paper has nevertheless put one more weapon into the hands of those seeking Prescott's resignation.
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