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Monday, August 21, 2006

It is only a game show

Tryst Williams in the Western Mail reflects my views in his article on Rhodri Morgan's praise of Big Brother's Glyn Wise:

In fairness to Glyn, he used his platform in the BB house to raise awareness of Wales at every available opportunity, either by speaking Welsh, wearing Welsh rugby tops or even by declaring that his favourite dish was Welsh lamb (what else?). And there's no denying that he was more recognisably "Welsh" than the show's previous "Welsh" contingent, dippy characters who might as well have come from Milton Keynes or Midlothian, were it not for their accents (just how Welsh is "I like blinking?")

But it probably says more about Rhodri than Glyn that he has been lauded in such a way by the First Minister.

It's difficult to imagine Tony Blair making a comparative official statement praising a Big Brother contestant every bit as British as Glyn was Welsh.

Still no indication though of whether Rhodri watched the show or actually voted for Glyn.
What's with the implication that speaking Welsh is more Welsh than speaking English (as Helen did in BB)? English is the majority language in Wales.
As this is a direct quote from the Western Mail I cannot answer that question. You will have to ask the reporter.
Sorry, thought you quoted it because it reflects your views. That's what you said.
Yes my fault I meant the last two paragraphs of the quote in relation to Rhodri Morgan's role in congratulating him. I tried to make this clear in my last paragraph. I was also hoping people had read the previous post on this issue.
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