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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Courtroom strip

Socialist MSP, Tommy Sheridan has offered to strip in court to prove how hairy he is. Ths bizarre offer was made in an effort to prove that allegations of serial adultery are unfounded. The Scotsman has a wonderful quote:

Key quote "I have been made a source of ridicule for it but, hey, that's the breaks. I am like a hairy ape. I have excessive hair on my chest, my legs and my back. If that is challenged, let's have a derobing and let's prove that physical characteristic which I think is very important in this case" - Tommy Sheridan

The relevance of all this appears to be that in evidence, Mr. Sheridan's wife had revealed that the MSP had excessive body hair, but she pointed out that none of the women he allegedly bedded had mentioned the fact.

I always wondered why Jeffrey Archer did not make a similar offer a few years back when a prostitute alleged in court that he had a spotty back.
Sheridan's won!
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