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Friday, August 25, 2006

Bring back Pluto

In a few hours I will be en-route to my summer break in Prague*. As I arrive the 2,500 scientists who are attending the International Astronomical Union General Assembly will be leaving. They will be getting on their planes having turned our known universe upside-down.

For as long as I can remember our solar system has had nine planets, now we have eight and four halves. Poor Pluto. I just hope that they told Mickey and Minnie before they downgraded him.

*That means blogging will be non-existent for a few days by the way.
Poor old Colin Matthews, who wrote an addition to the "Planets" suite (Pluto had not been discovered when Holst wrote the original), will have to adjust to a loss of royalties.

Perhaps he could cut his losses by writing pieces for Sedna and Xena (or whatever this object is finally named) as well, and creating the "Kuiper Belt Objects" suite. Or, since Turnage has written a piece named "Ceres", collaborating with him on a "Dwarf Planets" suite.

- Frank Little
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