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Friday, August 18, 2006

Big Brother ends

Today is the end of a 14 week marathon. It is the last night of Big Brother. It cannot have come too soon. What exactly Channel Four is going to put in its place has yet to be seen but surely any replacement cannot surpass this in exploiting some very vulnerable people and in manipulating its audience.

All the media in Wales are rooting for Glyn. Even the Welsh editions of The Sun have been urging people to vote for him - yn Gymraeg.

It cannot be denied that Glyn has briefly mainstreamed the Welsh language for a lot of people all over the U.K. even more than the recent Eisteddfod, but I cannot bring myself to join in the enthusiasm this side of the border that he should take home the one hundred thousand pound first prize. It beats working ones way through University to pay ones fees I suppose.

In my view his promotion of Wales and Welsh is more than cancelled out by his embarrassing behaviour in the house. For me it is anybody but Glynn as long as it is not Nikki.

Maybe my problem is that I am just too old to be watching this programme. Now where did I put those books I started four months ago?

Update: Glyn has come second and Rhodri Morgan sent him a message of congratulation. I hope that the First Minister put his votes where his mouth is. No doubt he was texting right up to the last minute. I wonder if that is a legitimate question at First Minister's Question Time.
Maybe my problem is that I am just too old to be watching this programme.

I was sitting there last night with my eldest as she watched Big Brother's Little Brother, or was it Big Brother's Big Mouth thinking that it really was trash and couldn't she find something more inteligent to watch?

Then I realised that I really am turning into my Dad!

(Luckily her boyfriend turned up so I watched The Wild Bunch on TCM instead.)
Peter are your comments in anyway influenced by Glyn's publ;ic support for Plaid?
No, don't be ridiculous!
It seems Rhodri should have been watching "Lost" instead of Big Brother...

Jermaine has caused national controversy by openly praying his obligatory five time prayers live on national TV. However Channel Four the Broadcaster has censored any footage of the Former Jackson Five practicing his faith. Outraged muslims have begun to complain on grounds of fair representation as Shilpa Shetty was broadcast practicing Yoga, they are demanding an explanation from Channel four as to why Jermaine Praying has been censored. Complaints to Ofcom the body that adjudicates media complaints are set to flood in this monday. Jermaine has begun to attract many thousands of muslim votes.
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