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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Also ran

The results are out and it seems that my meagre efforts to generate electricity in the WWF Cymru tent at the Royal Welsh Show last week were eclipsed by a number of Assembly Members, including my Group Leader, Mike German.

The Western Mail reports that the top AM was David Davies who, on his second attempt clocked up 12,449 watts. In second place was Environment Minister, Carwyn Jones whose score of 11, 724 was enough to power a sheep shearing machine and a microwave. I am afraid that my second attempt fell far short of the 9,300 watts I achieved on my first visit.

My excuse is that I am old and unfit, but I still managed to beat younger AMs than myself including Kirsty Williams and Laura Anne Jones. Let us hope that they do not have such strenuous challenges at the Eisteddfod.
But Kirsty is still on maternity leave! She has an excuse for not being fit. (And no I didn't try it!)
The Royal Welsh Show was Kirsty's first week back from maternity leave and she goes to the gym every week! Stop undermining my feeble accomplishments :-)
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