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Monday, July 10, 2006

What is in a name?

The House Committee will be discussing the provision of a seperate website for the Assembly Parliamentary Service on Thursday. An important part of that discussion is what name to adopt for the site that will fully reflect the status of the National Assembly for Wales. The paper records that alas www.nafw.org is not available. It is currently being used by the North Ayreshire Fiddle Workshop.
Can't we get hold of a .uk extension like Parliament (parliament.uk), Scottish.Parliament.uk, mod.uk and nhs.uk?

Something like nafw.uk or even wales.uk - using a .org extension makes it look like a charity or something commericial.
I think that is the intention. We cannot use parliament without the agreement of the House of Commons. They are unlikely to agree to this as they believe that we are not a Parliament. Possibilities include assembly.uk and cynulliad.uk. We could also look into getting a suffix developed specifically for Wales of course instead of the uk.
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