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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tardis rules

The last episode of the current series of Dr. Who was awesome and well-worth waiting for. BBC Wales and Russell T. Davies fully deserve all the accolades they have received for this long-awaited revival. As ever however, there is always somebody waiting in the wings to spoil it by taking the phenomenon that little bit too far.

Matt Withers of the Wales on Sunday is, as ever, in there with the scoop. He reports this morning that Plaid Cymru AM, Leanne Wood, is demanding that mini Tardises are placed all around Wales to attract Doctor Who fans to the country.

As a number of scenes from the present series were shot in the Gower Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty I suspect that the planners (and the locals) would have a great deal to say about such a proposition. It plumbs new depths in tackiness.
Nevertheless, I always remember in my youth, that there was something somehow comforting about prominently placed police boxes. If she wanted that, though with modern technology I'm not sure what purpose they would serve, it might be a different matter.
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