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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Stealing the towels

Those who have left a hotel with the towels smuggled away in their suitcase will be relieved to know that they are in good company. It seems that Wimbldeon players have been up to the same tricks:

They earn millions of pounds a year, but it seems Wimbledon's top tennis players can't resist stealing the tournament's official towels.

The All England Club has lost hundreds of the distinctive towels it provides for players to use during their rest breaks on court.

Once smuggled off court in their gym bags they appear to make great gifts for friends and family.

All the details are on the blog of Bob and Mike Bryan for 6th July:

My tennis bag is stuffed. I brought home 5 big bottles of water and 4 official Wimbledon towels. These towels (see photo of me and coach Dave) have been a long tradition at Wimbledon and players make a habit of stealing as many as they can get their hands on. They make great gifts.

For every match there are two new towels on your chair. When the match finishes, the ball boys try to snatch them from you, but if you shove them deep in your bag and run, they're yours. I played two mixed doubles matches today... I was two for two with the matches, but more importantly, I was 4 for 4 with the towels.

The players are actually allowed to keep two official towels, any more they should buy for £24 each. Still, not all of them are multi-millionaires.
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