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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Royal Welsh Show

I am halfway through two successive days at the Royal Welsh Show. It is well worth the experience, especially in this weather. The only problem is that I needed to be reasonable smart, although informal, and as a result I was sweltering all yesterday.

The whole of Welsh civic society is at this event not to mention hundreds of traders and tens of thousands of people. Amongst others I paid a visit to Chwarae Teg and Keep Wales Tidy and had a go at generating electricity by peddling on a fixed bicycle for a minute. Apparently, I produced the equivalent of 9,350 watts which is not bad, but well below some other AMs. David Davies AM MP, I believe, managed 12,500 watts. I am determined to go back today and break the 10,000 watts barrier, which is enough electricity to power a microwave. Thank goodness I don't have to do this every time I need a cup of tea.

Update: The pig in the picture was my lunch.
You'd have to peddle for a year to cook that.
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