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Saturday, July 29, 2006

New hurdle for Government on ID cards

Thanks to Lynne Featherstone who draws our attention to new poll from ICM that shows a majority against ID cards for the first time:

The latest poll shows that 47% of people think the introduction of ID cards would be a good idea, 51% think they would be a bad idea - a straight 5% swing compared to the last ICM/No2ID poll in February and the first time (apart from a very strangely worded BPIX question a year ago) that a poll has shown a majority opposed.

ICM also asked about attitudes towards the National Identity Scheme and the proposal that “everyone is required to attend an interview to give personal details about themselves for use by the police, tax authorities, and all other government departments.” 41% of people thought this was a good idea, 56% thought it a bad idea.

Like Lynne, I am very taken with the suggestion by a Home Office official that the poll might have been more positive for Labour's pet scheme if it had "focused on the benefits of ID cards.” Given that these so-called benefits have been systematically demolished by the scheme's opponents over the last few years, it is difficult to say what alternative question the pollsters might have asked.

The actual question is "The Government has proposed the introduction of identity cards that, in combination with your passport, will cost around £93. From what you have seen or heard do you think that this proposal is (a) a very good idea; (b) a good idea; (c) a bad idea; or (d) a very bad idea." In itself this question is very neutral, has been asked consistently in all previous polls by this company and actually understates the cost of an ID card. Can't see what they are complaining about really.


maybe just the idea itself is bad; including the so-called interviews....
Yes, I think that was my point.
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