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Monday, July 31, 2006

Most annoying

Today's Western Mail contains an intriquing survey. They have listed the top ten things most likely to make our blood boil;

Unwanted phone calls or knocks on the front door by pushy salesmen topped the list, closely followed by getting stuck behind a caravan on a busy motorway.

Celebrities named in the top 10 include singer James Blunt at No 4 and Big Brother couple Chantelle and Preston, who were ranked as the eighth most annoying thing about contemporary life.

Even my former History tutor gets in on the act:

Cultural historian Professor Peter Stead said cold-calling is offensive because the home should remain sacrosanct from unwanted intrusions.

He said, "They always seem to call at an awkward time, such as in the early evening when you're making plans.

What is most astonishing is not the dislike of cold-callers, caravans, queue-jumpers, James Blunt and traffic wardens but that politicians do not feature in the top ten at all. Possibly we are included amongst that group who people would least like to see on their doorstep, but if that is the case then it should not fall to Peter Stead to complain as well. After all, he once stood for Labour in the Barry constituency and presumably appeared on many doorsteps as people were preparing their tea.

My personal hatred is stepping in dog poo and owners who do not clean up after their dogs. Judging by the comments on this blog on Friday and feedback elsewhere I suspect that many Liberal Democrats have me firmly in their top ten of irritants.
I liked the Now Show's description of James Blunt: goat faced adenoidal strum-monkey.
When it comes to being irritating, you have absolutely nothing on James "rhyming slang" Blunt.
You an irritant Peter? Perish the thought. Anyway we're firm believers in irritants in RCT!!
I'm always at my most irrascible early in the morning. When John Humphries is presenting Today he usually succeeds in winding me up - if not, thought for the day can generally be relied upon.
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