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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another u-turn?

The media this morning is full of speculation that the Home Office is about to do another u-turn and abandon the controversial Police merger proposals that, up until a few days ago, they were proclaiming as essential to the security of the nation. How things change.

The Western Mail reports that Home Secretary John Reid will make an announcement on Wednesday. This follows the withdrawal of co-operation by the Lancashire and Cumbria Police Authorities who, up until now, had been prepared to voluntarily merge. It seems that the terms of that merger, and in particular the financial settlement, were not to their liking. This bodes ill for promises that the Home Office will pick up the tab on the Welsh merger.

If these rumours are true and there is a u-turn then it may not be the first. A u-turn on ID cards is also being mooted. Will John Reid have any New Labour policies left to implement?


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