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Monday, June 19, 2006

Wrong logo

One has to ask oneself whether the so-called festival of football currently being played out in Germany is about the game itself or the profits that can be made from it. I pose this rather obvious question because of the treatment of more than a 1,000 Dutch fans last Friday. They were forced to watch their team play Ivory Coast in their underpants because their patriotic orange lederhosen carried the name of a beer that was not amongst one of the World Cup's official sponsors.

The more pertinent question might be 'has the world gone mad?' It is one thing to dictate the signage around the ground and the labels on the clothes worn by players and officials, it is quite another when individual fans have their liberties infringed so as to protect commercial contracts entered into by other parties. It seems that the game has forgotten that it is there to entertain the fans. Instead it is exploiting them.
Odd on Friday being a bit of a saddo I was reading the offical Fifa World Cup Rules and FAQs.
This is what I found

Can visitors with replica shirts bearing advertising enter FIFA World Cup™ stadiums?
Yes. There are no special rules regarding clothing at the FIFA World Cup. Visitors can wear their normal clothing or replica shirts with or without advertising, irrespective of the manufacturer or sponsor's logo.
I think the game is there to make money, but that is by entertaining the fans, and benefits from the number of fans and exposure the existence of fans produces.

This is ridiculous though, and for the reasons you say.
I suppose its possible that part of the contract you enter into when purchasing a ticket is not to wear 'unauthorised' advertising, but it does seem more than a little ridiculous, and I doubt anyone knew that was a condition (if it was).
Sounds like there's more to this. The last time you wore trousers advertising a brewery was...when?

Looks like a deliberate marketing ploy.
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