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Saturday, June 10, 2006

World cup news

Well, this is a turn-up for the books. Those Welsh football fans who have decided to support Trindad and Tobago rather than England must be dancing in the streets. England struggled to maintain a one goal lead against Paraquay, whilst a ten man Trinidad and Tobago team held Sweden to a goalless draw.

Pundits who are expecting England to easily take three points in their next game and qualify may do well not to count their chickens too soon.
Well I've put on two bets - England each-way at 7-1 and Mexico each-way at 40-1 (I heard Mexico being described favourably on Five Live at about 3 am one May morning)

As for today, I'm fearful that England are going to lose the tournament because we are one striker short.... but hopefully we will get better.

Trinidad and Tobago were tremendous. They kept trying to attack until the end and thoroughly deserved their draw.
I was listening to the radio a few years ago (Five Live again, as it happens) and heard the second half of an interview with some chap I didn't recognise. He was intelligent, thoughtful, apparently had some link with the Caribbean and had a degree in engineering. He turned out to be Shaka Hislop and I'm really delighted that he did so well today..
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