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Thursday, June 29, 2006

What a WAG!

Nice little piece in today's Western Mail based on a completely inconsequential comparison of acronyms:

Do you suffer confusion when bombarded with information about the WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) and WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends of England players)?

Our handy guide can help you:

The WAG acronym came into being in May 1999 when the first Assembly Ministers were elected. The WAGs have been around for longer - well, some of them. But the acronym has only stuck during the current World Cup.

The WAG spends its time talking, sitting in committees and making policies. The WAGs spend time talking, sitting on sunloungers and making Cosmopolitans.

To become a member of the WAG you have to be elected and belong to the majority party. To become a member of the WAGs you just have to go to lots of major parties.

The WAG calls its current home the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay, which caused rows by costing £67m.

The WAGs' recent home was the Brenner's Park Hotel in Baden Baden, Germany, where rows raged over the price of room service.

WAG leader Rhodri Morgan was late for the Queen recently, blaming train delays. WAGs leader Victoria Beckham was late for the entire World Cup, blaming airplane delays caused by engine failure.

The WAG has a budget of around £13bn. The WAGs probably have a clothes shopping budget that stretches further than this.

Do you not think that some journalists have too much time on their hands? Some of them are too clever for their own good.
Too much time on their hands?

Coming from someone who riffed with Monty Python a few posts ago?

Do I hear the clash of pots and kettles?
That post took no longer than any other. Google is a wonderful thing!
Just to add another WAG to the Argument........WAG was first used by the NCDL now the DogsTrust for the name of their quarterly magazine.
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