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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Serious matters

It was inevitable really that Rhodri Morgan's tardiness at the Queen's 80th birthday celebrations would come up in the chamber yesterday, and as certain as night follows day, they did.

First up was Rhodri Glyn Thomas, who prefaced his question about the health service with a pointed reference both to the event and the half-empty Labour benches behind the First Minister:

Rhodri Glyn Thomas: It is nice to see that you have turned up on time this afternoon, although many of your colleagues seem to be following your example and leaving it a bit late.

However, it took Leanne Wood to really twist the knife in, even if the Presiding Officer did take offence at her remarks:

Leanne Wood: I offer you congratulations, first of all, on your clear display of anti-deference to the monarch last week. I thoroughly approve.

The Presiding Officer: Order. This question is not about the monarchy; it is about serious matters.

This just left one question: If the monarchy is not a serious matter, then what is?

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