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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rhodri late again

Sometimes one has to conclude that the First Minister cannot help himself. Having been late to meet the Queen at the Royal Welsh Show last year he was able to joke about it in front of her at the official opening of the Senedd on 1st March.

Now he has done it again. He was due to join the monarch and 2,000 guests from around the World in St. Paul's Cathedral today to celebrate the Queen's 8oth Birthday. Unfortunately, he was late again and had to sneak into the back of the Cathedral just before HRH. They will be talking about this for months.
It appears the Welsh media have gone doo-lally over this story - but all it does it make a complete mockery of Welsh politics.

I really do despair... We've got far more important things to discuss in the Assembly and in Welsh politics in general, e.g. the serious problems we have with our amublance service - but instead, the media is intent on concentrating on insignificant tittle-tattle like this. It's little wonder that the Assembly isn't given the recognition that it deserves across Wales - let alone in other countries.

Let's get cracking with the real issues of the day - and leave this irrelevant nonsense where it belongs - in the gutter.
"all it does it make a complete mockery of Welsh politics."

Correct. It does, and this man is supposedly representing Wales as our First Minister.

Personally I am not a fan of the Royals and wouldn't have particularly wanted to be there anyway, but with power comes responsibility. Rhodri had no choice but to go and as he had accepted the invitation should have at least made sure he was there on time.

Others travelled up the evening before to make sure they were there on time, as the invitations were quite clear with regard to timings.

'The train was late' doesn't quite cut it somehow, we all know the problems with them.....
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