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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pulling the strings

This morning's Independent carries an interesting piece on Lembit Opik's long suffering consort, Sian Lloyd, that indicates that she is less than impressed with her partner's leader so far:

Despite being engaged since May 2004, Sian Lloyd has yet to "name a date" to get spliced to matinee idol Lembit Opik.

It's already well overdue, though. For Lloyd shows every sign of making a cracking MP's wife.

Speaking at the Macmillan Lords versus Commons tug-of-war on Tuesday, the weather-girl managed - in five splendid minutes - to both tell me about future hubby's medical problems, and insult his party leader.

"Lembit isn't taking part," she said. "He gets out of everything like this because he's got a bad back.

"In fact, I don't think any Liberal Democrats are taking part. That doesn't bode well. Perhaps Menzies Campbell should be - after all, he must be better at tug-of war than he is at PMQs."

Obviously this is an old story as Ming has improved massively in recent weeks. Still, we have to wonder whether Lembit will now be summoned to the Leader's office for talks.
Hardly a surprise that Lembit doesn't take part - he did break sustain nasty multiple injuries in a hang-gliding accident.

And Sian only speaks the truth - Ming is pretty useless as leader. He's improved in PMQs, but he still lacks the ability to inspire the voters and looks decidedly dusty compared to Cameron and evn Blair.

Perhaps he now understands what Charlie K had to go through and might even regret shoving the knife into his former leader's back.
I accept that Ming had problems settling in but he is improving and we are starting to recover in the polls (the last ICM survey had us up 1%). I believe that in time he will overcome these difficulties and that his experience and gravitas will tell over the Old Etonian wideboy elected by the Tories.
That's a very good cartoon you've done there.

I spotted Sian as a future star years before her appearence on the James Whale Show when her florid weather-girln hand gestures had me and my partner transfixed. Really, her strange hand movements were extraordinary. They've become less peculiar over her time with Lembit.
It isnt my cartoon, I borrowed it. Found it via Google.
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