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Sunday, June 18, 2006

More sport

The act of embracing sport as a means to political progress is rapidly becoming a regular Plaid Cymru ploy. We have already seen their number one list candidate in South Wales West struggle to identify Swansea City's opponents in a crucial game, now her boss, Leanne Wood, has used an apparent gaffe by the Labour MP for Rhondda to beat him over the head.

Plaid Cymru were outraged at the Rhondda MP's remarks in Parliament on Wednesday in an address about digital television service in his constituency.

In his address, Bryant said: "Everybody wants to go digital in Rhondda because they want to watch Channel 4 instead of - or at least as well as - S4C, and they want to watch some decent rugby."

Of course Mr. Bryant is absolutely right in saying that the only way of getting choice on TV nowadays is to pay out for a digital service. Leanne Wood is also correct in saying that Government legislation has allowed that to happen, but I am not clear what alternative she is offering nor how she believes that Government could have done anything else in the face of overwhelming market forces.

As Chris Bryant says the one thing that might help is a free satellite service off the BBC, ITV and Channel Four, which will benefit those who cannot afford the alternative. Perhaps the Government could facilitate such a development. Meanwhile, less of the gibes against Welsh rugby.
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