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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Yesterday was a big day for Jerry Springer:The Opera. It opened in Cardiff and attracted hundreds of demonstrators. The media discussed the merits and demerits of staging it ad nauseum. The result was record ticket sales.

The protestors seemed satisfied at the turnout for their sing song outside the WMC, but even they must realise that all they have achieved is to increase the size of the audience and prolong the show's life. Is that really what they set out to do? I doubt it.

I have to admit that I cracked and bought two tickets myself. I have no great appetite to see it but if so many people believe that it should be banned then I have a duty to attend. I am going tonight. I will report my impressions tomorrow.

Update: It appears that the 700 or so protestors on Monday night included the BNP.
The BNP seem to have decided that defending Christianity from the Forces of Evil is their best bet at avoiding the "racist" tag. In this case their target is Secularism, but more usually it's Islam (Muslim Terrorists being the Black Muggers of the 00s).
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