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Friday, June 23, 2006

Intimidating the Beeb

When the Tories were in power they pursued a constant campaign against the BBC. The purpose was to intimidate the broadcaster into giving them more favourable coverage, to cause BBC management to question every critical piece on the Government and pull their punches and to try and get an easier ride for Ministers on current affairs programmes.

Now we have a Labour MP accusing BBC Wales of bias in favour of Plaid Cymru just under 11 months from a Welsh General Election. His comments apparently reflect the views of many Labour AMs, who are said to believe that they get a raw deal from the BBC. Let us hope that they are not adopting the same tactics.
Remove the BBC's public funding (via a highly regressive compulsory tax, by the way) and let them do what they want.

I'll gladly pay for Melvyn Bragg. Just not most of the rest. I'll get my news where I wish and I'm fed up of paying for Celebrity Come Dancing.
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