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Monday, June 19, 2006

Interesting news

From the Swansea Council Labour Opposition blog:

"Peter Black, who is actually running things after all"

You learn something new everyday. If only it were true!
What’s your reaction to Rene Kinzett defecting to the Conservatives, Peter?

I just don’t understand how people can switch political allegiances with such ease. How can someone passionately support one party one minute, and then stab them in the back the next? I suppose it’s all down to Peter May being selected as your candidate in Swansea West, and Rene is obviously quite optimistic he’ll be the Tory candidate there now…. and will, no doubt, seek revenge. It proves that some people are in politics for their own gain, and not to represent and serve the people.

I believe anyone, including Rene Kinzett, who defects to another party whilst holding elected office should resign their seat and seek re-election under their new party political guise by means of a by-election.
I think that about sums it up.
So Peter, you would agree then that Carl Rees - a Bridgend County Cllr for Blaengarw - who stood in 2004 as an Independent, and shifted his allegiance to the LDs.. should resign his seat and seek re-election as an LD?
Perhaps I endorsed Martyn's comments too quickly. It is obviously up to the individual as to whether they stand for re-election after changing their allegiance. Certainly, at a local level, they have been elected as individuals and nothing has changed. Carl was of course elected as an Independent. All he did was to define his political identity. I can see nothing wrong with that. I would not call on Rene to stand down and fight a by-election either but there are huge inconsistencies between his previous position on a number of issues and the policies he now embraces.
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