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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's diary

1. Deliver a few leaflets in the rain.
2. Set video to record Dr. Who.
3. Travel to Cardiff to watch Swansea play Barnsley in the League One play-off final at the
Millennium Stadium.

Come on the Swans!!
Watching the game and 15 munites in you have the best of it with the likes of Trundle still on the bench. Betting live on Betfair as well and hoping to win some money on Swansea as well. Ooops Barnsley just scored
look on the bright side, now there wont be any more pressure on the single wales police force budget, since they dont have to keep swansea and cardiff from killing each other.
Doctor Who was good, anyway.
commiserations. Having witnessed West Ham lose to Crytal Palce in 2004 I know exactly how you feel.
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