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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ninety minutes to glory

I had planned to spend next Saturday delivering my ward FOCUS newsletter but now I will have to reschedule. I have just bought two tickets to watch Swansea City Football Club play Barnsley in the League One play-off final. I can hardly wait.
I hope you have as great a day as I had in Cardiff last week - but hopefully you'll get a better result. Swansea are one of my favourite teams. Who was that prolific striker in the 1980s you had? Alan someone...
Do you mean Alan Curtis?
Off to cheer on Leeds tomorrow. Good luck to Swansea next week - I will be cheering them on and have some money on them to win
Hold the frontpage !!!

If Peter Black is postponing his FOCUS delivery it has to be something BIG.

Seriously Peter is obsessive about delivering those blasted things (he probably even believes people read them). I saw him last year delivering around Landore (not even his own ward) one weekend last year in the driving rain. He was soaked but the idea of taking refuge in a pub or cafe to see if the rain would stop let alone knocking it on the head completely would have been anathema to him! When I stopped to say hello and suggested he take cover he looked at me like he was convinced my real purpose was to sabotage his leaflets (he was cluthing the satchel with both hands, though this might have been to keep them dry).

I've now got my ticket too though - after a mere three and a half hours queueing at the stadium! Why they could not have brought in the extra staff and opened more tills I cannot comprehend. It's not as though they couldn't have worked out that every Jack and his dog would be showing up for the first day of general release (and the only one outside the standard working week). There were some folks who joined the queue at abot 2pm who found themselves shut out of the ground at 4 when the office simply closed!

Bad luck Tony. Had you had a good day in Wales despite the weather and result ...
Alan Curtis, that's the guy. Excellent player.
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