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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Labour's con

Are Labour trying to con the Welsh electorate over the Government of Wales Bill? Up until now they have told us that the proposals currently going through the House of Lords are a compromise. As they need powers the Assembly will bid for them to the Secretary of State for Wales and Parliament. Eventually, there will come a stage whereby the logical step will be to ask for the full monty through a referendum, if such a proposal can get a two thirds majority in the Assembly and Parliament. At that point the people of Wales get their say.

Many people are of course sceptical about this process but the Secretary of State for Wales and the First Minister have persisted in their assurances that they are genuinely interested in progressing towards full devolution. They have sought to tell us that there is every possibility that a referendum can be held when it is necessary, however others believe that this provision in the Bill is a sop to the pro-devolution lobby and that the devo-sceptics will prevail.

Now, the Assembly Finance Minister has let the cat out of the bag by confirming that Labour have no intention of ever letting a referendum taking place:

William Graham: Minister, have you consulted colleagues about the necessity to fund a referendum on proposals to extend the powers of the Assembly?

Sue Essex: No, I have not consulted them. That power will be in the legislation, but I do not think that anyone anticipates that that power will be used at any time.

So what was the point of putting the power in the Bill in the first place?
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