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Friday, May 26, 2006

George loses it

The news media is full of the ill-considered and frankly barmy remarks by George Galloway in which he suggests that it could be "morally justified" to assassinate Tony Blair.

Admittedly, the question as to whether a suicide bomb attack on Mr Blair would "be justified as revenge for the war on Iraq" was wild, but Galloway is experienced enough and intelligent enough to have avoided an obvious trap. That he didn't says a lot about his lack of judgement. There is no room for personal animosity in politics and there is no justification for violence in any form. Galloway is a disgrace to his profession.
Absolutely agreed. There is no justification for assasination. Apart from anything else, doesn't George think about the human dimension of Blair's family? It is a disgraceful statement.
wow way to take a quote out of context.

Galloway said it could be justified, he's just giving his opinion.

he also said that he would pass on any information to the police if he dicovered a plot.

it was a honest answer to quite frankly a bizzar question - one i may add i agree with (not saying violence is right) but an attempt on Blair would be more justifiable than the 7/7 attacks and 9/11 attacks.
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