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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Comfortably numb

I am still a bit numb after yesterday's penalty shoot-out that left Swansea where they started and allowed Barnsley to progress to the Championship. Swansea were by far the better team but they did not take all their chances, specifically in the second half of extra time. When Barnsley equalised to make the score 2-2, the Swans seemed to freeze and never quite regained their midfield dominance. We will just have to make sure that we get automatic promotion next season.

One team who will not get a second chance if they fail next month are the Independents who are seeking to succeed Peter Law as the AM and the MP for Blaenau Gwent. This piece in today's Wales on Sunday seems to indicate that the love affair between the media and the Law camp is starting to go cold:

Mrs Law is standing for the National Assembly and Mr Davies for Parliament.

But rumours circulating in Blaenau Gwent have suggested both wanted to run for the Assembly seat, causing a rift. Mr Davies was originally set to stand in next year's Assembly election.

The pair have had to face questions on why they were operating from separate offices and had not been seen campaigning together.

But a furious Mr Davies last night turned his fire on "terrified" Labour, accusing them of being behind the whispers.

He said: "It is absolute rubbish. Our campaign hasn't really built up yet, that's why we haven't been seen together. We're operating out of different offices at the moment because the office was a constituency office but we're hoping to have agreement to rent part of it by June 1.

"We have separate agents because there's two different sets of expenses and it makes it easier for us. But the two agents are friends as well just in case anyone wants to start that rumour.

"There's no problem at the end of the day. It's a disgrace. Whoever has been putting this about is sick and if people are believing this they obviously don't know me and Trish."

Whatever the reason for conducting separate campaigns it does not look as if either candidate has really got a winning act together. There is a strong element of naivety in the comments attributed to Dai Davies. If he and Mrs Law are waiting until 1 June before moving up a gear then they are going to be overwhelmed by the level of resources that Labour are already throwing into Blaenau Gwent.
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