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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Comeback Kid

The big political news today is the decision by former Welsh Secretary, Ron Davies, to stage yet another comeback. Ron is likely to contest the Caerphilly seat on behalf of Forward Wales at the Assembly elections next year.

It transpires that Ron is the policy director for Forward Wales. John Marek is its leader. Nobody is sure if it actually has any other members. Nevertheless, they have big ideas and aim to hold the balance of power in a hung Assembly. These ambitions are clearly larger than the 1.88% of the vote that they got across Wales at the European elections in 2004.

It is just as well that their policy platform will not come under much scrutiny. They appear to be happy to enter a coalition under the Tories, and they want swifter decision-making through a war on bureaucracy but no cuts and no job losses.

Mr. Davies seems to be confusing the Assembly with his local Council. He complains that "most people who have had personal dealings with the Assembly as a citizen will know - whether over planning matters, health issues, agricultural subsidies, investment decisions or other issues - there are invariably unacceptable delays". He may find that those delays are no greater than when he was making these decisions and that up until now most people have not contacted the Assembly on these issues at all, but the bodies they fund to deliver the services.

Having announced that he wants quicker decision-making he justifiably goes on to complain about the lack of openness, the failure to consult and inadequate scrutiny. He cannot have it both ways. At least he recognises that there is a better way. It is a shame that he did not practise it when he had executive power. It is a shame too that he did not apologise for the shortcomings of the original Government of Wales Act.
the next election is swiftly becoming an election of has-beens ron davies for labour and dafyd wigley for the party who is next? heseltine for the conservatives (i would throw in some lib dem's in here too but i dont know any)
Hardly a surprise Ron is standing . However cannot see him winning but he could split the Labour vote and let Lyndsy Whittle in. In Wrexham marek will probably lose as most of his key activists from last time, including the former candidate for Forward Wales in Clwyd South have joined the Plaid.

Tafia Don has forgotten that other has been....

Rhodri Morgan.
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