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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Standing their ground

Political rivalries heat up in Wrexham with a statement of opinion that would make Lee Trundle blush:

OPIN-2006- 0033- Wrexham FC at the Racecourse Ground

Raised By: John Marek

Wrexham FC at the Racecourse Ground

The National Assembly agrees with the Statement of opinion tabled on 15 March (OPIN-2006-0026) in that it supports the future of Wrexham football club at the Racecourse ground.

But the Assembly regrets the opinion is put down with the intention of promoting the Labour Candidate for Wrexham, the Labour MP and the Labour party instead of building a consensus to support the club and wonders exactly what work they have done in securing the future of the club.

Next May's Assembly elections really could be interesting up North.
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