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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For sale, 20 year old Jaguar. One careful owner.

At last some publicity for the Liberal Democrats even if it is just to report that Ming Campbell has put his Jaguar car up for sale.

Self-sacrifice is becoming quite fashionable as a means of highlighting one's commitment to important political principles. First, we had the Liberal Democrat Shadow School Minister, Greg Mulholland, returning his baby daughter Isabel's Child Trust Fund cheque for £250 to the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, with a request that he invest it in reducing class sizes instead, now we have Ming underlining his personal commitment to environmental sustainability. Ming will also be taking the tube when travelling around London rather than using a car.
I still think Greg should have handed his baby back, and not just the bond. Now that WOULD have got us some publicity!
Gesture politics. How about conducting meetings over IM or Skype instead of travelling?
Unfortunately the electorate are not so accessible though IM or Skype nor does it make for a good photo opportunity for regional press (not more than once anyway).
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