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Friday, April 07, 2006

Awesome sheep

The total number of sheep in Wales must be something like 5.5 million. There are certainly more of them that there are people, although unlike the people they tend to be concentrated in the more rural areas for obvious reasons.

With so many to choose from then, why embark on a project that will create two hundred life-size models of sheep to stand on a hillside alongside a real flock? Even as a community arts project it does seem a bit excessive, though I am sure it is very worthwhile!
The number of sheep in Wales varies seasonally, obviously, but at its peak it is around 11 million.

Just FYI.
Why? Because the funding comes from general taxation and nobody's held to account for idiotic spending.

I'll have my taxes back, thanks, and I'll decide which arts projects I'll support. And Alan Pugh won't get a look-in.
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