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Monday, March 13, 2006

Wigley is back

Just to put things into perspective. Even at their height in 1999, when Dafydd Wigley was party leader and representing a North Wales seat, Plaid still only managed to win one top-up regional seat in the North. In 2003 they effectively came fourth and sixth in the region. They would need to leapfrog the Tories to do better and get that second seat.

Of course nothing is impossible, especially if the Conservatives win some constituency seats. However, all the indications are that short of Plaid doing well enough to win an overall majority in the Assembly, a result that would be completely contrary to current political trends, they need to rely on the Tories doing very well indeed to get Dafydd Wigley back into a Cardiff Bay seat. If the Welsh Liberal Democrats also improve their performance as polls and the General Election result indicate that they will, then Mr. Wigley will miss out on a seat altogether.

Update: Is somebody setting Dafydd Wigley up to fail?
Peter what opinion polls show Lib Dem votes increasing in Wales?

In 1999 we were just 4000 votes short of the second seat...Wigley knows the political score better than anyone and as the Western Mail puts it his candidature will boost the Plaid campaign across Wales and in particular in the North.
I was thinking more about real polls. The Liberal Democrat vote in Wales has risen in each national election since 1997.
Really? By how much did the Lib dem share of the vote increase from 1999 to 2003 Assembly elections? What about the Euro elections ? Did you manage to increase your vote share from 1999 and still finish behind UKIP?
You really are lazy aren't you? I found these figures in one minute.

Welsh Liberal Democrats vote in Wales:

1997 12.4%
1999 13.5%
2001 13.8%
2003 14.1%
2005 18.4%

European Elections

1999 8.2%
2004 10.5%
Yes I am very lazy when it comes to looking for lib dem election results....

all in all it looks like 2007 elections will be a lot more exciting than 2003...I wonder what happens if both Plaid and Lib dems increase their share of the vote....? Oh yes Labour lose :)
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