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Monday, March 27, 2006

Tory in-fighting

This article in the Western Mail is very charitable in respect of the in-fighting and manoeuvring going on within the Welsh Tory Party.

It is really quite astonishing that candidates in an internal party selection are not allowed to attend party functions or to canvass support. Nevertheless, a senior official in the Montgomeryshire Conservative Association felt it necessary to write to all his members and ask that they support a particular candidate.

Rumours are rife in the Assembly of plots and shenanigans to depose Tory Assembly Member, Glyn Davies, in favour of his fellow Mid and West Wales Tory AM, Lisa Francis. It is little wonder that Glyn's allies are seeking to fight back against perceived behind-the-scenes plotting. It is possible that the placing of this story on these terms is part of the attempt to undermine Glyn.

If the result of all this is various factions within the region's Conservative Associations engaged in open warfare then that is all the better for the rest of us.
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