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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

These boots are made for walking

The Western Mail reports that the Youth Hostel Association invited Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, Janet Ryder, to a reception, and then offered to don Dr Martens boots and "kick her up the arse". It was all a mix up of course but in today's Plenary a number of Labour members seemed to sympathise with the sentiments.

Update: This contribution from Carl Sergeant yesterday was a good example:

In the past, we have debated dance. It would be useful if we considered engaging the youth of today, particularly in how they play and dress, and their fashion. I welcome the new fashion of Dr Marten boots, which are appropriate wear for the youth of today. I hope that you can consider my contribution today.
Edited Comment from James:

"Having worked for an MEP, you get this sort of misunderstanding all the time. I remember accidently being sent some very abusive comments from a researcher for some lobby group or another. These matters are generally best dealt with away from the media, unless the organisation in question is clearly a political enemy.

What I don't understand is why Ms Ryder chose to take it to the press rather than take the diplomatic route."
The only problem with the edited version is that James almost sounds like a reasonable human being which is rather misleading...
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