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Friday, March 03, 2006

Take me to your leader

Well with one leadership contest over, we are now embarked on a second. However, as this is rugby it is far more serious. Bring back Mike Ruddock I say.
Hear hear,

The WRU doesn't make any sense Johnson took over to provided stability as Ruddock was going to leave at the end of the Six Nations if Johnson is going to leave after the 6N as well why didn't they keep Ruddock for the rest of his current contract?

The WRU should think of resigning, I didn't much like Moffet but it appears that he was the only competent one there.
Lord Greaves, one of the leaders of the Left-of-centre "social liberals", condemned Mr Laws "as a Tory" and raised fears that Sir Menzies would end up taking the Lib Dems "to the Right of David Cameron".

Oh shucks Peter your party is becomming Tory
Still grasping at straws Martyn?
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