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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Reselection blues

So how disillusioned are Plaid Cymru with their Social Justice spokesperson, Leanne Wood? More to the point, if political parties did not have to reselect their politicians every four years, would the news media have anything to report?

This item in the Western Mail effectively boils down to the fact that at least one member of Plaid Cymru in South Wales Central does not like Leanne and wants to see her replaced with another female candidate. What happens is, of course in the hands of their membership. Still, we shall be forever grateful to the anonymous source for setting out the nationalist game-plan in such stark detail:

The source told the Western Mail yesterday, "Next year, assuming the Government of Wales Bill gets through Parliament, the National Assembly will have a new route available to create laws for Wales. The next stage will be to acquire full lawmaking powers in devolved areas. Then, if we can take the people of Wales with us, in due course we will be looking to take responsibility for defence and foreign affairs. Only at that point would the question arise whether there should be a Welsh republic. But Leanne is campaigning on that now, as if a Welsh republic were immediately attainable.

I doubt if Ieuan Wyn Jones will be putting it quite in those terms on the hustings in twelve months time, or the Presiding Officer for that matter!
Well I reckon it would be a shame if Ms Wood were displaced on the Plaid Cymru list - and I say this as a Lib Dem supporter. She may be a bit homourless, but its good to have a voioce of the left in the Assembly (especially if the lib dems drift to the right under the depressing heading of 'modernisation'). Can't really see what she's doing in the same party as the likes of Seimon Glyn. My Plaid friends tell me that Gwenllian Landsdowne is sniffing around the list in your patch, Peter - is it poor old Dr Dai who is really under threat, maybe, not Leanne Wood?
Lewis the Plaid system does not work like that. The top place on each list is reserved for a woman so Dai will be second at best whoever stands. Equally Leanne might come second in the selection to another woman and still be number two on the list.

Leanne is far from humourless and is good company. As a Lib dem supporter you are clearly a person with an advanced sense of humour ......
perhaps I did'n't explain what I meant. Bascically, if Plaid go down from two list seats to one in Peter's area (surely possible), then poor old Dr Dai will lose his seat to a 'jane-come-lately', if you see what i mean. I reckon he must be unhappy about this, but can't say so in public.
My understanding is that Dr Dai was one of the biggest supporters of the system we adopted at the last assembly elections and that we have retained for the next assembly elections so he is hardly likely to be upset. Given the leading role Lembit Opik will be playing in the Lib dem election campaign I dont imagine there will be much of a threat from that direction :)
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