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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Postcards from the edge

In his Conference speech on Saturday, Mike German told us that the new powers coming to the Assembly means that we must find ways to use them to the full:

LIB DEM National Assembly leader Mike German yesterday urged members to send him ideas on a postcard as the party looked to find policies before next year's election.

Mr German told the party's spring conference in Wrexham the party must "leave no stone unturned" in finding policies likely to go down well with voters.

He said: "I challenge all of you here to go home and ask your friends and neighbours how they would improve Wales. What laws would they change to make life better?

"And when you have those ideas, write them on a postcard or send me an e-mail."

Other parties devise their policies on the back of an envelope, but that is not good enough for the Welsh Liberal Democrats, we use a postcard!
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